How it Got Started

Founded in 2020, Blackbeard Spice Co. is a project started by Jeremy Miller and Bob Viger in Augusta, GA. Jeremy, with a passion for history and Bob, with a love of grilling decided that the grilling landscape needed to go back to its roots.

Smoking and slow-roasting meat was a method perfected by pirates, so many years ago, on the beaches of the Caribbean. Their process was called barbacoa which later became BBQ. Using a unique combination of spices, pirates developed the flavors that grillers everywhere enjoy.

A Return to Flavor

Blackbeard's uses a Small Batch process to ensure that every bottle is perfected and reflects the bold flavors that the original grillers love and enjoyed around a beach campfire.

Blackbeard's spices are strong on flavor without being overwhelming. Though Blackbeard’s Spice is geared toward chicken and seafood (imagine the most amazing smoked wings you’ve ever had) and Redbeard’s Spice toward pork (think juicy, grilled pork tenderloin), there’s more to these rubs than meets the eye. They taste great on roasted veggies, in eggs or even on the rim of a cocktail, transporting you to the Caribbean no matter what the weather is doing.

For the Love of History

With a passion to bring back flavors that were lost long ago, Blackbeard Spice Co. strives to keep the grilling adventure alive, bring new spices to your table and have fun being a pirate!