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Blackbeard's Spice

Blackbeard's Spice Rub

Blackbeard's Spice Rub

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Perfect for all types of pork, chicken and burgers!

A Mysterious Spice...Reborn
In his adventures, the pirate Blackbeard came to an unknown mysterious island. It is there that he learned of "the spice", an ancient herb said to contain abilities only known to the island gods...a flavor for the bold and pirate at heart.

Beach Campfire
With moonlight on the beach, the hungry crew cooked with the spice and found it to be a delightful yet mysterious flavor. They tried it on everything, fish, chicken & pork and found it to be the perfect spice.

The Remnant
Blackbeard’s spice was nearly destroyed but a remnant remained and now is available for those that are so inclined. 

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